Taking Fashion Risks

This week is all about taking fashion risks. They are often avoided because of their nature- risks require exposure of yourself to social situations that frighten you. In fashion terms, risks are where the rewards lie.

By trying something different, you open yourself to the playful, fun side of fashion. There are so many possible avenues to insert risks that can take your fashion and style to new levels. It could be a brighter or darker shade of lipstick, an exposed midriff, a bold colour, edgy shoes…

Find fashion inspiration from the world around you and translate that into an applicable  fashion risk that suits your taste. As you begin to play with fashion in a way that is true to yourself, you will begin to see fashion in a new way.

Fashion is continuously evolving, which takes the risk out of experimenting with it. Rather than let the daunting aspect of something new and different inhibit you, let it be the driving force behind your fashion style.

For this look, I took an edgy and urban approach. These boots are my winter investment of the season, which I paired with complimentary white and gold colours. This look is great for autumn, by being both daring (with the dark lipstick), practical

and fun!

Outfit Details:

Photo credits: Tegan Smith Photography

Location: Melrose Arch

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