A Guide to Natural Makeup

I took a course in makeup artistry when I began varsity. Although I didn’t wear makeup everyday (and still don’t), I was often told that I was ‘afraid of makeup’. I always found that to be quite unfounded; I just enjoy a softer, more natural look more often that wearing a full face of makeup.

So this is my guide to a classic, natural makeup look. Its has a golden brown colour palette, will take you no longer that 15 minutes to complete and will work with many outfits.

As you may know, I have a MAC Cosmetics kit and have been loyal ever since I got it. The product details and steps I took are listed below:IMG_1548

1. To begin with, I spray my face my Fix+. Used as one of my essentials- its refreshing, adds a professional touch and gives your skin an incredible glow.

2. Next, I use a foundation brush to apply Face and Body foundation. Its sheer, so its easy to wear and also gives your skin a dewy finish. I then apply concealer where needed.

3. I apply blush (lightly) in the Gingerly shade. It is matte and neutral, providing you with just enough colour. I also apply Diamonds Cream Colour Base from the Riri Hearts Mac collection. I smooth on just enough on top of my cheekbones, on the outer edges of my brow bone, down the middle of my nose and finally dap the remaining colour in the middle of my lips. This will give you great highlighting definition.

4. I apply the eyeshadow, using the Her Cocoa palette from the Riri Hearts Mac collection. A soft colour all over the eyelid, the medium colour on the crease, the dark colour on the outer corners, blended in to create more depth and along the top lash line, then finally a touch of gold shadow on the inner corners.

5. I use the Powerline Pro Longwear eyeliner in the waterline to add more definition. This golden colour is subtle, but has a great effect. I finish off the eyes with a good layer of Haute and Naughty mascara on my lashes.

6. For the lips, I line them with Spice lipliner. I use it across my entire lip area, not just an outline. I feel that it helps with the longevity of the colour. Complete the look by applying a coat Creme de Nude lipstick.

A simple, natural look that is completed in just 6 easy steps. I hope you enjoyed the guide and that it will help you with your makeup routine!

Products: Mac Cosmetics


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