Grahamstown on a Whim

I have recently returned home from a trip to Grahamstown that was spontaneous but also long overdue to begin with. I stayed with one of my best friends who goes to Rhodes University.

Grahamstown is small, historic and beautiful. The beauty lies in both the nature that surrounds the town and the people that you meet there. Although it is small, there is a lot to be admired and explored. I spent a week there and left feeling as though I had just scratched the surface.

The weather was cold, windy and wet which definitely put a strain on my already limited wardrobe. However, we made the most of it and I found that the fashion in general was very much accustomed to student life. I felt that the town itself could do more to cater for the students though. To ensure that I got the university life experience, I also sat in on some of the classes. Sociology, psychology, English and politics lectures solidified my interests in these fields.

The trip was a complete change of scenery for me. Life in Johannesburg is fast paced, which strongly contrasts the essence of Grahamstown. I definitely missed having my car, but life without the city traffic was refreshing to say the least. Life there is simple and I love that.

There are some exciting student movements taking place that I am interested in following. Through the course of the week, there was a gradual increase of images and spray paint across campus that were creating awareness of black power (as Rhodes has  recently been in the media with calls to decolonise the university).

After an incredible week, its clear that a trip to Grahamstown is never a bad idea. I was able to unwind, reconnect with friends and make new ones. I cannot wait to return next year!

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