Instagram Round Up: I’m Back

Its been far too long since I’ve blogged and I definitely have some explaining to do. Just last week, I completed my degree in fashion. The past couple of months leading up to it have kept me busy with exams and assignments, but I am back and excited to begin blogging again. This is an Instagram catch up session will keep you up to date with all that I’ve done since then.

Let me begin with fashion. I’ve begun to adopt a more urban, street style inspired look. I’ve also discovered an incredible, local online store called Guard The Vintage. You’ll see me wearing quite a few items (vintage and new) from there and I really encourage you to check it out for yourself here.

Halloween isn’t celebrated in South Africa as much as it is in other part of the world. With that being said, I decided to dress up as a Zombie this year. It was a lot of fun in terms of getting the look using makeup and face paint, not to mention teasing my hair to new heights.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 1.50.23 PM.png

South African students have recently made headlines with protest action. You may be familiar with the Fees Must Fall hashtag. I was part of the protest at the Union Buildings in Pretoria. I went with some of my best friends and it was one of the greatest days, suffice to say that it also involved unexpected teargas. We, the students, wanted a 0% fee increase for 2016 (which we won) and access to free education in the bigger picture.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 1.50.36 PM.png

Other than that, I have been enjoying some delicious food in and around the city, which I will be reviewing for Zomato. This year I have also been lucky enough to make some incredible friends who are always a feature on my Instagram.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 1.50.11 PM.png

My Instagram feed has been filled with fashion, friends, food, festivities and protest action. I’m so happy to be back and plan to share these round-ups on a monthly basis.

To see it unfold, you can follow me here: shazzycorreia

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