Makeup Look: Glam

As a makeup artist, I am often asked to do Matric Farewell makeup. I love these appointments because I remember the excitement I had for my own Farewell and get to be part of someone else’s special day.

Makeup for Matric Farewell’s is normally based on the dress and inspired by celebrities. This means that it is normally on trend and open to experimentation, which is always fun.

I recently did makeup for Mikaela, who wore a stunning red dress and wanted makeup inspired by Kim Kardashian. She is absolutely gorgeous and was a lovely client to work with.

For this makeup look, we channelled Kim Kardashian’s signature look. It began with flawless skin and a light contour- the contour did not need to be heavy as Mikaela had a heart shape face and so there was enough definition. For the eyes, we went with smokey golden eyes and false lashes for volume. The look was completed with bright red lipstick and a Kardashian-inspired glow.

Email me at for bookings 🙂 I have a Mac Cosmetics kit & my rates are all inclusive and cost efficient.

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