My Top 10 Moments in Cape Town

Cape Town is a gorgeous city and one that you need to visit! I flew down on New Years Eve and was fortunate enough to spend a couple of weeks in the Mother City. Here are my Top 10 Favourite Moments from the trip (in no particular order), along with all the eye candy.

1. Beaches: Travelling along the coast line, you’ll find many different beaches and I believe that each one will offer you something different and something magical. Sea Point has a great tidal pool, Muizenburg has cute, colourful windy houses along the beach, Boulders has penguins…

2. Food: Seafood at the coast is always a good idea. The food is delicious and there are many quirky, retro restaurants and pubs. My favourite was The Village Idiot, with its incredible decor, African feel and most delicious mussel poitjie.

3. Pools: If you are able to, visit a hotel and swim in an overflowing pool that overlooks the ocean. This offers you the opportunity to lounge pool side, all the while enjoying the ocean views and sounds. We visited the Bay Hotel for the day and it was one of the best days of the trip!

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 6.04.08 PM


4. City Scape: You’ve got to hand it to Cape Town when it comes to beautiful cityscapes. Everywhere you turn, there is something to marvel at. These make for several lust-worthy photos and a general uplifting of your spirit.


5. Neighbourhoods: By staying with a friend’s family, I got to explore a few different neighbourhoods of the city. They are all quite distinct and it makes it a worthwhile trip to see the different areas of the city. In Cape Town itself I enjoyed visiting District 6, Woodstock and BoKaap. Other areas further from city are also great, including Simon’s Town, Hermanus and Houtbay are a few examples.

6. Wanderlust: You cant help but feel a sense of wanderlust during your visit. Some of my top suggestions for making the most of this are to watch the sunset and if you’re able to, the sunrise. Lay on the rocks by the sea and just be. Embrace the salty hair and bare feet; get lost in the euphoria of it all.

7. Tourist: Be a tourist! A trip up to Table Mountain and Robben Island should absolutely be on the bucket list, but there are also less expensive places that offer high value to your trip. Signal Hill offers stunning views of Cape Town and Lions Head is even better if you’re prepared to hike. The Castle of Good Hope is another great option, with chilling historical tales.

8. Friends: I’m so lucky and grateful to have been shown around the city with someone who comes from the area. If you have those links, explore them fully! Staying in a house and seeing the city from the perspective of those who live there is an invaluable experience that opens you up to local living. This, for me, was summed up perfectly by the Wembley Road House.

9. Culture: Everyone who I cam across was very friendly and welcoming. There is a real sense of community in neighbourhoods which I admire. At Sea Point, for example, a group of older men all gathered to spend their afternoon singing on the beach. This to me was something you aren’t likely to come across elsewhere.


10. Fashion: I have to say, bloggers in Cape Town have it easy with so many locations to shoot at! People generally care for fashion and although it revolves quite strongly around hipster-style, it is interesting to note the different looks. This is in stark comparison to the urban street style of my city, Johannesburg. With that being said, there are also some good factory stores and centres in Cape Town worth checking out. Here are some of my looks from the trip:

A couple of things to watch out for:
The wind! Do not underestimate the random spurts of ghastly wind. It’ll literally blow you away.
The sea water really is that cold. Be daring and try to get in at least once though.

Until next time, Cape Town. It was an incredible trip and I encourage you explore this beautiful part of South Africa and create your own Top 10 moments. A huge thank you to my best friend (you know who you are) to inviting me and sharing in the experience.

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