Ultra Music Festival 2016

Once a year, thousands of people descend upon Ultra, an electronic music festival that takes place in cities around the world. South Africa kicked off the festival for 2016 in Johannesburg with an incredible 2-day experience. This is what you need to know about the fashion, music and surviving Africa’s biggest festival.

Fashion is something that I always take into consideration; this festival was no exception. With that being said, nothing could have prepared us for the downpour we endured. We were completely soaked! I wore Converse All Stars throughout the weekend- they are comfortable, closed and black – a triple threat when it comes to shoes at festivals. I opted for a bright white and pink look on the first day, followed by high waisted skirt and crochet outfit the next day. I was impressed with the overall fashion at the event, although the look was very standardised; high-waisted short-shorts and a crop top. While these are on-trend essentials, its always a good idea to deviate from the norm and experiment with fashion.

I’ll be honest with you, EDM is not the kind of music I listen to all the time. After Ultra, I  can say that I officially get it now. My favourite sets were Afrojack, Skrillex, Black Coffee and Robin Schulz. As I stood there, trying my level best to fist pump, bouts of glitter, fire, streamers, smoke and fireworks came shooting into the crowd. It was incredible! I got emotional listening to Tiesto play Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’, while another highlight was Justin Bieber’s songs with Skrillex. Its the kind of environment that allows you to be swept up with the crowd and you can be rest assured that the music will, in some way or another, move you.

As fun as Ultra is, its also exhausting and you need to be well prepared for it. This year, a ‘no-passouts’ policy was enforced, not allowing people to exit and re-enter on the same day. I’ll begin with the obvious: ensure that you get enough rest, eat well and stay hydrated. Take emergency cash with you, as well as a jacket or plastic bag to shield you from the rain. Tissues, hand sanitiser, lipstick, your cashless card, ID (for the entrance), the scheduled line-ups and a fully charged phone are the most important items for your bag. Consider staying in a nearby guest house to alleviate yourself from the drive home, while also supporting the surrounding community.

I had so much fun at the 2016 Ultra Music Festival! It was an amazing event that surpassed my expectations. Its a music and fashion experience that should not be missed!

For more on ultra, click here. Add me on Snapchat for live feeds @shazzycorreia and on Instagram.


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