My All Time Favourite #OOTD Shoot

A great photographer, killer outfit and standout location are three important components of a great fashion shoot. This shoot ticked all of those boxes. See why, along with my views on trends today.


Growing up, I loved watching my stack of magazines grow each month. These days, I can’t remember the last time I bought one. I think this is partly due to the convenience of social and digital media, the restraints of a student budget and my growing lack of interest in keeping up with trends.



Historically, each decade had a particular aesthetic and trends developed at a much slower rate. With the rise in instant communication, trends today seem to change several times within even one season. I don’t think its something that people can or really want to keep up with.


Digital media has transformed and democratised the fashion industry. Now, everyone can have a share of an open playing filed (provided there is internet access), rather than relying on certain fashion gatekeepers in order to make it in the industry.


So if we are relying less on fashion trends, where does that leave us? I’m not saying fashion trends are dead- we are simply looking for more substantial pieces with longer lasting value that fit into our own aesthetics. Its taking trends from a mass-market approach to a more targeted audience.


Rather than everyone following specific trends, I believe people are finding their place within fashion subcultures. These include the vintage lovers, the urban dressers, the retro inspired and those who opt for athleisure, to name a few.


When it comes to my style of dress, it changes daily. I have always had a love for vintage items and that has grown exponentially. I’ve incorporated that into this look with a denim jacket. I’m also beginning to experiment more, hence the bralet which I love. You can get  these items at Guard the Vintage (use the promo code ‘freindsofshannon’ for a 15% discount :)). The boots, skirt and stockings are wardrobe basics, accentuating the statement pieces.


Outfit Details:

Denim jacket and bralet: Guard the Vintage

Skirt and stockings: Mr Price

Boots: H&M

Photo’s by Yusrah


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