The Bodysuit

I used to be confused by bodysuits. To me, it represented a wanna-be swimsuit that didn’t quite make the cut. That was until my best friend showed me otherwise. Here’s why you need one:



Bodysuits are leotards, fastened at the crotch. It’s history dates back to Jules Leotard, a Parisian trapeze artist. It then became the uniform for Hugh Hefner’s playboy bunnies. The bodysuit craze was in full force by the 80s, worn as activewear. Since then, it has crossed over into many categories of fashion.


So why should you be wearing bodysuits today? It hugs the body, without you needing to tuck a shirt in. It’s effortlessly chic and screams ‘summer’. The bodysuit is a versatile item and can be worn as a statement piece or layered with outerwear. Wear it with skirts, pants or shorts with it. High-waist styles are optimal with the bodysuit.


The bodysuit has made its into S/S 2016 looks, with lace-up and mesh variations being particularly popular. When purchasing, look for either a neutral colour, an on-trend variation or a bold, bright colour.


I have chosen a lace variation for this look. The white bodysuit is paired with vintage high-waist jeans and boots. It is the perfect transitional look as South Africa welcomes the spring season. The bodysuit and jeans are both from my favourite local retailer, Guard the Vintage.


What are your thoughts on the bodysuit and how do you wear yours? 


Photos: Yusrah




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