It’s always more than just clothing 

In all of my photoshoot history, I had not yet been photographed in the early morning.  In the world of photography, it’s one of the peak times of the day and I now know why. It also reminded me that the morning is filled with optimism and opportunity. 

It’s a funny story is a comedy-drama from 2010 that I watched recently. A line by Zach Galifianakis’s character, Bobby, has stayed with me ever since: “What I would do to be you just for a day. I would do so much. I would … I don’t know. I would just live. Like it meant something.”

Regardless of all of life’s adversities and everyday struggles, you’ve got to know that you’ve got it good. It’s more than not taking things for granted, it’s about perspective, about carpe diem and about living life in the present to the fullest.

*It may be important to note here, if you can’t already tell that Oprah means a lot me. This was one of those “Aha!” moments for me. I ask myself this question everyday: “Did I live like my life meant something today?” I challenge you to try it out too 🙂

Back to the fashion. I’ve been wearing my denim jacket everywhere. Its one of the most versatile items in my closet and also one of my favourite. I’ve come to love chocker’s and I was lucky to get this one for just R10. Crop tops and this skirt in particular are my staples. Every item I’m wearing here filled with meaning and attached to a fond memory. Wearing them allows me to keep them alive and close by. It’s always more than just clothing.

Photos: Kyle Oberhozer

Outfit: Guard the Vintage


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