My Travel Plans: Revealed


If you had the chance to live in Italy for a few months, would you be able to say no? Italy; the country of passion, food and fashion. Where part of my heritage is rooted. The country that has a myriad of cities to visit, each with something special to offer.

Neither could I.

After wanting to go on this incredible journey for a couple of years, I waited until I had finished my studies, making sure that I worked hard throughout. After months of dreaming, planning and saving, it’s time for me to leave my beautiful home in South Africa to explore new cultures and places.

Sadly, this means I’ll miss my sister’s 21st, my best friend’s birthday, Ultra and Justin Bieber to name a few. Driving, English and the people close to me will all definitely be missed. All the while, I’ll be committing myself to a year with far more winter weather than I can probably handle. All for La Dolce Vita.

My trip begins in Lisbon, Portugal, where I will spend a week with family. They have been incredibly helpful in getting everything ready for my trip (more on this to come). Next stop: Italy. I’ll be au pairing for a couple of months, before exploring the rest of the country on my own for 3 weeks. Then its off to Paris for an extended weekend with one of my best friends (and 8 of her friends) before ending my journey in London, where I’ll be posted for a month.

What I see when I close my eyes are the castles in Lisbon, the Venice carnival, Milan during fashion week, getting lost in the alleyway’s of Italy’s cities, living it up in Paris and spending my birthday in London-town. Everyone keeps telling me that I’m going to come back a different person. I’d be lying if I said that didn’t scare me.

During my travels, I will be blogging (and vlogging) all of my experiences, so you won’t be missing out on anything!


Photo: Casey Moura 

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