Organise your Travel Documents

So you’ve got your visa, you’re made your bookings and you’re getting ready for lift-off. The last important thing you need to do before you pack your bags is organise all of your important travel documents. Sounds simple enough, right?

Make an electronic folder where you save all of your documents to. Have separate sub-folders (because organisation will make your trip abroad that much easier). Save this to your computer, your cloud storage (iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox). You can also email this to yourself and a confidant. Make sure you secure your documents!

Although this should suffice, printing them to have on-hand is also an option. You can carry these with your carry-on luggage or nestled inside a travel journal, like me. I highly recommend a journal of some sort, even if you aren’t a writer. It’ll make for a great memoir!

Here is a list of everything you should set aside and have easy access to:

  • Emergency contact information (for home and abroad)
  • Card details (don’t scan this, just note the card number details)
  • Passport and visa copies (make at least 2 laminated copies that you keep separately but safely)
  • Insurance policy and contact details
  • Transport (all routes)
  • Accommodation (include maps to make these locations easier to find)
  • Itinerary (not a necessity, but good to have as a reference)
  • ID copy

That’s it! You’re ready to go.

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