Whirlwind Weekend in Milan

Me in Milano. A dream come true, I knew it would be incredible but I didn’t know that a) I’d walk 30km’s (I’m still shook) and, (more importantly), b) it would be so magical. All it took was one whirlwind experience to leave me hooked. I wanted to live and breathe fashion during fashion week and I did exactly that. img_8665

I strolled through the fashion districts, admiring the windows and seeing the men in suits and fancy cars lining the streets. I saw the street style I imagined I would and felt the buzz of a city that’s alive.


img_8667The best stores in Milan are like hidden treasures, each one giving me heart palpitations as I walked through the sliding doors, into the cave-like set-ups and around the corners to where the outlets were. My research paid-off like I knew it would. I spent my time inside looking and touching the garments that hung all around me. A word to the wise: visit Milan last on your trip so you don’t spend all of your money. There’s a certain sadness that comes with visiting Milan penny-less, although the inspiration and atmosphere that surrounds you is enough to make you feel rich.





After a morning shooting a fashion look post and video in my new favorite city, I headed out on my own. I walked through the part of the fashion district I didn’t quite get to the day before. I saw an exhibition: The Art of Shoes, Manolo Blahnik. I didn’t think twice before entering the doorway and heading up the stairs. It was only when I was inside that I realized I skipped the admissions sections and didn’t pay. Smiling to myself, I continued, admiring the behind the scenes look at the making of these renowned shoes. The ones on the left are my favorite.



The Italian woman: Coat, shades, shoes and bag

Navigli! Where romance blossoms. Love locks adorn the bridge crossing the river, connecting sidewalks of restaurants and a large market. Perfect place for thrifting! This is where I had cena (dinner). I’m a firm believer in tasting regional dishes and so I ordered Milanese risotto- think creamy and engulfed in saffron. Brava!


p1180601The city is incredible. You see the Duomo in photos and think ‘Wow!’ but seeing it in person is almost surreal. I was looking down, trying to get a bearing on where I was when I looked up and soaked in all of its glory for the first time. Its gigantic! And so stunning- especially if you love Gothic architecture like me. You can go inside and on-top of it; both of which I plan to do in a couple of months. Other stand-out spots include the park which is close to the train station, where I ended off my trip with a picnic.



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