Venturing in Venezia

Bellissima, an intensified form for the word ‘bella,’ translates to very beautiful in English. It’s a word that, after visiting the city, I’m sure is synonymous with Venezia (the Italian name for Venice).


I was lucky enough to visit Venice on three separate day trips. I got to see the city during Carnival, on a busy day with tourists roaming everywhere and on a quiet day during the week. Each time had me more enamored than the last.



Venice, the city that draws you into a maze of canals that you are bound to get lost in. A city with monumental beauty that will remain in my mind as golden. Golden for the intricacy of the design, for the romance (and also the most handsome men), for the hold-your-breath moments that never ceased.
IMG_9189During Carnival I got to wonder through the streets wearing a mask all day. I ordered my first Italian coffee, had a delicious ‘gnocchi alla ragu’ sitting on the Rialto bridge and had my first taste of a cannoli (mentioning the fritelle and gelatin as well seems glutenous). Theres really nothing quite like a Venetian sunset.


IMG_8994After stocking up on gifts and enjoying the Carnival’s festivities, I headed for the museums. This was the best part. Never have I gawked at ceilings before. I love how much thought went into make everything something of beauty. That’s exactly what the city is- a remarkable land that was once a swamp. San Marc’s Basilica is exquisite, looking as though it was dipped in gold and sprinkled with mosaics that hold so much history.


The attention to detail in design, art and architecture is something that crosses over into the culture of Italy. The romance of the city is felt by those who grace it. Maybe its in the water or the window shutters and arches, or the gondola’s and bridges… either way, everything that made the city what it is, is still very much evident there today.





PS: Venice is also the best place to get gifts!

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