A Moody Day in Cinque Terre

When I was making my plans to visit Italy, I was determined to include Cinque Terre: five costal villages with colorful houses perched on the cliffs. On my day trip there, things didn’t go quite as planned. 

I travelled to the area from Siena, en route to Milan, with about 3 hours of travel each way. The weather hadn’t been very warm but I wore a blue summer dress that I had been saving for this trip anyway. When I arrived, I deposited my luggage and went to explore the first village.


Coming out at the other end of the pedestrian tunnel, I was greeted by the boats at the shore and the colourful houses. The sea was shades of bright green and blue. I sat on the rocks taking photos, before deciding to get some breakfast. I was in search of something lemon-y to suit the region, but came up empty handed. I settled for a coffee instead.


Somewhere between my sips, it had started raining outside. It was accompanied by strong winds and a drop in temperature. Other tourists around me waited it out in sheltered areas, with looks of optimism on their faces that things would turn around. As time went on, their lips became pursed and their brows furrowed.


I headed back to my luggage where I changed into something warmer and put on my big purple plastic bag to shield me from the rain. This was great- from having visions of beautiful photos in a summer dress to looking like a drenched oompa loompa. At least I wasn’t alone in all of this.


By 11:30, the tourists were crammed into the tunnel. The restaurants wouldn’t let anyone inside yet. By the time they did, and they heard I needed a table for 1, I was turned away or showed to the back, stuffy part of the restaurant. Fed up, I got my bags and headed to the last village (at this point, I’d have to skip the rest, because when I tried to walk to the next one, I climbed many stairs which ultimately led me to the same place, and this time I’d have my big bag with me).


When I arrived, I went on the hunt for lunch (again). Restaurants turned me away for not having reserved one of their empty tables, so I settled on a cafe that at least overlooked the ocean. The food was okay, the lemon dessert, not-so-much. With the rain having cleared up, I sat writing in my journal and taking some photos of the moody ocean.


I left disappointed. Not only was it due to the elements of nature, but to the bad service as well. It really detracts from the beauty and experience had; it was the same in Paris too. Especially when you know that the Amalfi coast is just a few hours away, where it is the complete opposite.


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  1. Sucks about the weather. And I can’t believe that restaurants turned you away even with empty tables! I went to the Amalfi Coast for my honeymoon and it was AMAZING! Never had trouble finding a nice place to eat without having reservations.

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