Welcome to Amalfi

Life is but a dream in Amalfi and Positano. Read about my experiences and see the all the photos that are sure to fuel the wanderlust within. 


Smaller than you’d imagine, Amalfi has an exclusive and luxurious feel to it. Views of the deep blue sea go on for what seems like forever from the pebbled beach. This is the place to feel glamorous and where old men will stop to chat to you, looking at you the way you look at the beautiful landscapes. When I wasn’t on the beach, I was splurging on a delicious meal at a top restaurant on the shore (Marina Grande), that I literally dream about going back to.




Admittedly, I didn’t know about Positano, but I’m glad to have been introduced to it. You walk down the mountain to get to the beach front, underneath vine leaves that lead the way through the stores.

Here, you’ll find a large beach with many restaurants and a beautifully decorated church. I spent my time getting a vodka granita (the lemons here are huge, about the size of your head!) and a pear and ricotta cake to go (both are specialties of the region). Then, I climbed up a staircase to get to the secluded beach to soak up the sunshine. This is where I met Roberto*, a very tanned old man who lived just a few meters away.

(he was harmless and very charming)*



Both of these need to be added to your bucket list if they haven’t been already 😍

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