I can’t say enough about Milan. Along with Johannesburg, it’s my favourite city in the world; being there just makes me happy. I was lucky enough to visit twice and each time left me wanting more. This visit to Milan marked my last couple of days in Italy. I decided to split them between touristy-things and fashion. 

P1210820My days started off with breakfast, Italain-style: a sweet pastry and coffee. My favourite coffee is a Milanese speciality, called the marrocchino. I loved it so much that one morning, I went from one shop to another ordering them, until I had had 3 and was really buzzing.

Each time I’d walk by the Duomo, I’d notice something different about it, like a glimmering stain glass window against a pink background or a lone missing tile. 

On my ‘tourist’ day, I bought a ticket to go inside (where I found stunning glass windows, marble floors and statues) and up onto the terrace. Gorgeous views of the city await you at the top, while you get up close and personal with the eternally impressive gothic architecture. I also visited the interactive Leonardo Da Vinci museum (genius, period) which I really enjoyed. The day ended with my last (and best) an aperitivo.




IMG_0812On my day of fashion, I was on a mission to shop. I had saved all of my euros for the last day in an extraordinary effort of self-restraint. To cut a long story short: I spent nothing. Its not that I didn’t find things, it was that my mission was to find items that were perhaps too specific (like my first investment bag, an essential for the Italian woman I had been observing). I did find options, but not ones that I’d fallen in love with. So basically, I window shopped, had coffee at the Bulgari hotel and visited the Armani museum. It’s so well put together, I definitely recommend it!



In Milan, everything around you is grand (and grande, literally: the buildings are tall enough to swallow you up). I think that’s a big part of why I love it so much: when you’re there, you feel as high as the buildings. Everyone looks like they are dressed and ready for an occasion, and that occasion is simply a new day. It’s infectious.

Arrivederci, Milano. Until we meet again.


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