London Top 5

London: where something interesting is always happening. Here are the Top 5 reasons to love and visit the city. 

IMG_32171. Summer: Naturally, nobody quite appreciates the summer and sunshine the way the English do. As soon as the degrees peek past 20, the shirts come off and the long days are savored. It’s refreshing (and funny) to see.


2. Parks: There are so many beautiful parks to visit around the city. The Royal Parks are well-kept and offer visitors a great day out. I loved Kensington and Hyde Park most.


3. Free Museums: Museums are free which generally feels wrong when you’re used to paying. Aside from certain exhibitions, this is definitely something that should be taken advantage of. My favorites were the Tate Modern and Southbank Centre.


4. Friendliness: Apart from when you unknowingly stand on the wrong (left) side of an escalator, the English are generally very open and friendly. Personally, I stayed in a shared house and met a large group of girls whose welcoming nature is unlike any I’ve found elsewhere.

IMG_24675. Markets: there are so many great markets to visit! From Camden to Nottinghill, each offering something different. These were the highlight of my trip, especially when it came to food and vintage.

Favorite memories from my trip were:

  • Visiting Brighton and Nottinghill (they’re as charming as you imagine them to be!)
  • Shopping (you can’t leave without witnessing the shopping experiences that await you in the department stores like Harrods, Liberty and Self Ridges)
  • Coincidentally visiting Buckingham Palace the day the Queen was hosting a garden party, so I got to see the attendees arriving in their midi dresses and fascinators
  • Seeing one of my long time best friends, who I am so grateful for!
  • Getting to see London in a private pod on the London Eye
  • MIA’s meltdown T-shirt exhibition, featuring a shirt by Hype Peace
  • Seeing the typical houses that all have brightly colored doors
  • Abbey Road, Baker Street, Shakespeare’s Globe and the graffiti tunnel underneath Waterloo Station


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