City Escape: Durban

Arriving in Durban to the (literal) warm embrace is always a pleasure. It’s one of my favorite cities to visit in SA: hello to the friendly, laid-back tropical beach city. Here is a quick look at my recent trip. 

HypePeace: The Brand to be Repping

HYPEPEACE is a “London based streetwear brand releasing a range of garments in support of specific causes in order to raise awareness and funds,” with an aim of highlighting social injustices. This culminates into the act of “spreading a substantial positive message of solidarity, love, peace, justice and equality for all.”

The Vatican

It was a long day, but one of my best. Everything I loved about Italy was waiting for me inside Vatican City. No trip to Rome is complete without a day spent here, whether you’re religious or not.

Falling for Florence

It’s the city I was most excited to visit and pretty much as soon as I arrived, it was my favourite. I smiled for no particular reason while strolling through the walkable city. The tell-tale sign for me that I really love a place: leaving with a longing to return.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Italy

Here are the top 10 things I love about Italy. It encompasses everything that my 3 month stay was all about. Few places in the world will have this much to offer. Its an overload of the best kind. It also answers the mind boggling question I am sometimes asked: “Why Italy?”


I can’t say enough about Milan. Along with Johannesburg, it’s my favourite city in the world; being there just makes me happy. I was lucky enough to visit twice and each time left me wanting more. This visit to Milan marked my last couple of days in Italy. I decided to split them between touristy-things and fashion.