The Vatican

It was a long day, but one of my best. Everything I loved about Italy was waiting for me inside Vatican City. No trip to Rome is complete without a day spent here, whether you’re religious or not.

Falling for Florence

It’s the city I was most excited to visit and pretty much as soon as I arrived, it was my favourite. I smiled for no particular reason while strolling through the walkable city. The tell-tale sign for me that I really love a place: leaving with a longing to return.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Italy

Here are the top 10 things I love about Italy. It encompasses everything that my 3 month stay was all about. Few places in the world will have this much to offer. Its an overload of the best kind. It also answers the mind boggling question I am sometimes asked: “Why Italy?”


I can’t say enough about Milan. Along with Johannesburg, it’s my favourite city in the world; being there just makes me happy. I was lucky enough to visit twice and each time left me wanting more. This visit to Milan marked my last couple of days in Italy. I decided to split them between touristy-things and fashion.

Take me to Tuscany

Tuscany: it’s exactly how you imagine it to be. Green as can be with rolling hills that seem to be quilted together. Here’s more on my wine tasting trip to Chianti, Pisa, Lucca and Siena.

A Moody Day in Cinque Terre

When I was making my plans to visit Italy, I was determined to include Cinque Terre. Its five villages near Genoa, with colorful houses perched on the cliffs. On my day trip there, things didn’t go quite as planned.

Eating my way through Italy

Let me begin by saying this: Italy is renowned for its food for a reason. As I made my way through the country, I tasted (as in, that ‘close-your-eyes-this-is-so-good’ moment) specialities of each region. Gelato was a given, everywhere I went. Being a foodie, this was a very important part of my trip. Italian food …