The Immigrants of Johannesburg’s Fashion District

A 4-part series analysis into Johannesburg’s fashion district, based on immigrants within the manufacturing sector of the industry. This is Part 3: The Immigrants. *Our mayor, Herman Mashaba, has recently said (on the topic of illegal immigrants): “You see, for me, when I call these criminals criminals, I want them to understand that they are criminals … They are …

Johannesburg Foodie Guide

Here’s a guide to my favourite restaurants in Johannesburg. Before I get into it, let me state my credentials: I’m an amateur chef of sorts and a “Super Foodie” according to Zomato, an app which I have written 80 food reviews for (and counting).

Understanding Fees Must Fall

Fees Must Fall protesters want free, quality, decolonised education now. We need to build on the momentum to ensure that FMF does not occur each year to no effect. To put it simply, it’s the children of the nation coming together and all they want is to be educated. 

Fees Must Fall: Reloaded 

The morning was off to an early start. We mobalised on campus, joining our fellow students in song. By 8am, 33 students had already been arrested for blocking entrances and we listened to chilling voice notes of the day’s first firing of stun granades. 

Feeling 22

I love celebrations and birthdays are the epitome of that. Each year, my expectations and excitement rise as I turn a year older. Turning 22 symbolises a milestone being reached that I feel fortunate for. This year, I’ve been fortunate to have incredible people in my life which meant that my birthday was about as epic as it gets.