Take me to Tuscany

Tuscany: it’s exactly how you imagine it to be. Green as can be with rolling hills that seem to be quilted together. Here’s more on my wine tasting trip to Chianti, Pisa, Lucca and Siena.

A Moody Day in Cinque Terre

When I was making my plans to visit Italy, I was determined to include Cinque Terre. Its five villages near Genoa, with colorful houses perched on the cliffs. On my day trip there, things didn’t go quite as planned.

Eating my way through Italy

Let me begin by saying this: Italy is renowned for its food for a reason. As I made my way through the country, I tasted (as in, that ‘close-your-eyes-this-is-so-good’ moment) specialities of each region. Gelato was a given, everywhere I went. Being a foodie, this was a very important part of my trip. Italian food …

Bergamo: The Paradoxical City

If Bologna is the red city, Bergamo is the green one. Lesser frequented by tourists, it is a paradoxical city that is filled with touches of the greenery that surround it. Known for its food, it also goes down in my books as having among the most fashionably dressed in Italy.

Au Pair Diaries: Confetti at the Pigs

After years of babysitting and tutoring, I decided to become an au pair for a couple of months in Italy. It would give me a first-hand cultural exchange experience and I’d be able to earn a small income so that I could travel afterwards. You can read more about how to become an au pair here. I luckily got to experience au pairing for two families. This is an account of the first family, an experience I could simply call hellish.

Lake Garda Day Trip

Another Italian destination that is somewhat off the tourist radar of international visitors: Lake Garda. Here’s what you can expect from a stop at Italy’s largest lake and why it’s worth a visit!