Falling for Florence

It’s the city I was most excited to visit and pretty much as soon as I arrived, it was my favourite. I smiled for no particular reason while strolling through the walkable city. The tell-tale sign for me that I really love a place: leaving with a longing to return.

Bergamo: The Paradoxical City

If Bologna is the red city, Bergamo is the green one. Lesser frequented by tourists, it is a paradoxical city that is filled with touches of the greenery that surround it. Known for its food, it also goes down in my books as having among the most fashionably dressed in Italy.

Lake Garda Day Trip

Another Italian destination that is somewhat off the tourist radar of international visitors: Lake Garda. Here’s what you can expect from a stop at Italy’s largest lake and why it’s worth a visit!

Bologna in a Day

While I can’t be sure if Roscoe was referring to this city when he said “I be goin’ ham, shawty upgrade from bologna” in No Hands, this is what I do know: Bologna is a city known for its food, fast cars and university life. The walls are tinted orange and the streets are lined with tall archways. The smell of good food lingers everywhere and the streets are busy with movement.

Venturing in Venezia

Bellissima, an intensified form for the word ‘bella,’ translates to very beautiful in English. It’s a word that, after visiting the city, I’m sure is synonymous with Venezia (the Italian name for Venice).

My Top 10 Moments in Cape Town

Cape Town is a gorgeous city and one that you need to visit! I flew down on New Years Eve and was fortunate enough to spend a couple of weeks in the Mother City. Here are my Top 10 Favourite Moments from the trip (in no particular order), along with all the eye candy.